Logos and Seals

  • Role Advertising and Marketing Artist, Design Manager, Marketing Manager
  • For The Morning Call, Sodexo, Nonprofits, Self-Promotional
  • Type Design, Illustration

Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection 85th Year Corporate Meeting, 2018

85 Year Seal for Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection, 2018

Sustainable Energy Fund, Rebranding 2016

Nonprofit Energy Makeover Contest, 2017

GoStreet rack product to replace The Mix 2013

Mayfair Festival of the Arts redesign 2012

Allentown Blues Brews & Barbecue redesign 2011

Concept for sk80s party, unpublished 2011

The Morning Call enewspaper 2013

LV Beautiful Baby Contest of the Lehigh Valley 2013

College and high school advertising presentations 2013

Forget Me Nods, self-promotional 2015

I Heart Food for Sodexo, 2015

The Service Experience, 2015

Army Dining: Unite, 2015